Red ScareStuff!


If you want a killer stenciled RED SCARE t-shirt I willbe happy to make you one! The shirt front is shown here on our model Jolene,and the back has the great womyn-power symbol. Or I can just make you ashirt with the womyn-power thingy on the front. All you gotta do is sendme an old T-shirt (a blank one) and two dollars (for paint & postage)or a great barter, and i'll send you the shirt back emblazoned with radicalstuff! Or you can send me $4 and i'll dig up a shirt for you at the thriftstore and send it to you.  If you choose this option, pleasespecify Youth Large, XS, S, M, L, XL or 2XL (PO Box 646, Chapel Hill NC27514).


Well these you gotta make yourself. I have a few designshere that you can just print from your computer and photocopy onto labelpaper. You can get full-sheet label paper with no perforations at an officesupply place and make radical stickers to your heart's content. Here area couple of my stickers that you can have.  These are small so ifyou can you might want to enlarge them yerself:

...I promise to add more soon...

I was also thinking about setting up a barter for home-maderags, if anyone is interested please emailme. In the mean time just check out the DIY page.

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