Evil, evillittle tampons...

Yesit's true, i am a rabid anti-tamponite. It all started way back when iwas working at a super- environmental researchey type place, and with allour questioning of toxics in everyday things, tampons naturally fell underthe scrutiny of a buncha eco- wimmin. When we started looking into it andfound that the FDA doesn't regulate tampons for safety, and that they weremade from rayon (i.e. from TREES!), that was the end of my love affairwith the low-trash o.b. I toddled off to the health food store, boughtmyself some organic cotton tampons (cost a little more, use a lot less)and found that my period shortened by TWO WHOLE DAYS!!! A year later igot involved with FLOW,a tampon activism campaign of the StudentEnvironmental Action Coalition (what a great group!). The more researchwe did, the more i began to feel sick just thinking about tampon companiesand how incredibly untruthful, manipulative, polluting, and even psychologicallydamaging they are. Want the details? Check out a little piece FLOWput together called "The Dirt on Tampons."

Anyway there's lots of other stuff you can use to takecare of your flow... the Keeper being my favorite... Since i detest garbage,i switched eventually from the nice organic cotton tampons to washable,reusable cotton pads (i make my own but you canbuy them from lots of places like your friendly neighborhood health foodstore), & the Keeper. And i'll never go back to the little toxic plugs.Ever.

You can find links to a whole lotta safe, non-toxic menstrualproducts below, as well as information on tampons and their associationwith diseases like endometriosis and toxic shock syndrome. Or email mewith your questions/comments.

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