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HELLO and welcome to the new &improved website for my little zine, RED SCARE. Don't let the name frightenyou off! Come on back... that's it. Good. See, this rag is all about howeverybody, especially everbody with something to sell, plays on womyn'sfears about their bodies, breasts, breath, hips, various odors, naughtybits,and most of all (gasp!) menstruation, to sell them a whole bunch ofsuperfluous -- and sometimes harmful-- crapola.

Issue #4 is on the way, and in manyways it is a continuation of themes explored in #3 (including trans activism,womyn's sexuality, sex toys and of course some menstrual action). It also includes Red Scare's first foray into fiction by way of a playby the fabulous Natalie Estrellita and features lots of Natalie's artwork. Other features include comics, how-to's (make your own dildo!), and anarticle on vegetarian & peticides.  Red Scare 4 will be availablein February.  #3 is available now.

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